What is CAPTCHAs.IO?

CAPTCHAs.IO is an online web service API that aims to automate CAPTCHA solving via the HTTP protocol. CAPTCHA types supported are Image, Audio, reCAPTCHA, hCAPTCHA and Text CAPTCHAs. Trusted by 18,921 developers and end-users world wide.

How it works?

  • Using our API web service, upload the CAPTCHA image either by form or base64 format. On how to upload using HTML form please refer to our document here https://api.captchas.io/document/#html.
  • From the API endpoint https://api.captchas.io/in.php you will recieve a text based or json based answer that looks like this; OK|91239572 or {'status': 1, 'request': 91239572}. The request value is the CAPTCHA ID which you will use to get the CAPTCHA solved answer using the https://api.captchas.io/res.php API endpoint.
  • Now that we have the CAPTCHA ID, we will now try to get or retrieve the CAPTCHA answer or token. This is done by sending an HTTP request to https://api.captchas.io/res.php with data parameters as key={API_KEY}, action=get, and id={CAPTCHA_ID}.

For more CAPTCHA solving examples please refer to our API document at https://api.captchas.io/document/ and for more of our knowledgebase go to https://captchas.io/support/.

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