Do you offer virtual private API servers?

Your very own reCAPTCHA / CAPTCHA virtual private API CAPTCHA solving access server. With unlimited threads and API calls. This is a virtual cloud server which we will install latest XEvil Pro, free of charge and no monthly costs. Here is a little word about XEvil, "XEvil — easy, fast and flexible tool for automatic recognition of most type of CAPTCHA's (included so hard captchas like Google ReCaptcha v.1 and v.2, Solve Media, Facebook-captcha, etc.).".

XEvil as an application replaces such services as AntiGate (Anti-Captcha), RuCaptcha, DeCaptcher, etc., and at the same time it provides for higher recognition velocity (in 10 times) and is completely free of charge.

We use only enterprise grade SSD's for serivce deployment, so we can provide the fastest data transfer speeds possible. Our server network is powered by high-speed 10GbE interfaces. All end services have up to 1Gbps connectivity to the open network.

We use only high performance hardware. Thanks to our KVM hypervisor, all resources you purchase will always be available. We monitor our services 24/7/365 to make sure every single instance deployed on our network is up and running.

Lastly, our virtual private server packages comes with IPv6 residential proxies. These proxies are best for solving reCAPTCHA v2 & v3.

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